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After COFFEE TIME, Barry picked me up at 12:30 for my 1 PM eye appointment at the clinic. Everything is a go for the eye surgery on May 8, and we talked about the nice weather outside. When I got home at 1:45, I had another COFFEE TIME! The Canucks played Chicago at 5:30 today, and won 3-2 in overtime! Bo Horvat got the winning goal, and Elias Pettersen now has the standalone Canucks rookie record for points, passing Pavel Bure and Ivan Hlinka!

From the Daily Mail: There's a small village in Kent, England called Pratts Bottom?!

From my Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader #22: DEFENSIVE TACTICS WITH FLASHLIGHTS?!

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I decided to play MOTHER 3 again; it's been far too long, since April 2014?!

From Someecards: Creepy Easter Bunny 29!

From Julie: Justen?! It should be JUSTIN!

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From Not Always Right: Sariah Harmer?! I guess we're lucky that her parents didn't go with Harmony... also, there IS a musician already named SARAH HARMER!

Wait, Sariah Harmer has a Facebook friend named KENNA Johnston?!

From Not Always Right: Savegal Kissy?! All I can see is SAVE GAL (SAVAGE) KISSY. Awkward!

From Not Always Learning: Shayl Atkinson?! Sounds like SHELL in a very pronounced cowboy drawl... it would be better off spelled SHAYLA!

From Not Always Right: Tomes Linehan?! Sorry, but this one just reminds me of TOMES and BOOKS, not someone named Thomas. Unfortunately, he's also a furry!


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