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Apr. 25th, 2019 01:15 am
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Mainly, that those schools are overrated, that test needs a serious overhaul and critical review, and that everybody obsessed with that school (and the others) seriously needs to get a grip and reconsider the life choices that brought them to this place.

But nobody ever takes my excellent advice, and so they won't stop talking about those schools, and so I keep on reading. It's like a very boring trainwreck that I narrowly escaped but not really.

With that said, I have to admire the NY Times slipping in this snide commentary in this article here: “The bureaucrats who run these school districts have swallowed hook, line and sinker the idea of racial diversity” as an essential part of education in America, added Mr. Yoo, who is best known as the legal architect of Mr. Bush’s so-called torture memos.

Man, that's some serious, if factually-accurate, shade.

On the subject of affirmative action, way in the comments to that article somebody quoted Clarence Thomas opining that affirmative action just makes people doubt the merits of blacks. I will go on the record as saying that it is neither his race nor the specter of affirmative action that makes me doubt Clarence Thomas' credentials, capacity for critical thought, jurisprudence, or ethics. In fact, I have made it a long-standing policy to support what he doesn't, just on general principle, and that policy has yet to steer me wrong. So if Clarence Thomas is against affirmative action, that is certainly good enough for me.

(No, I do not intend to get into a discussion here and now about whether or not policies intended to increase representation of some or all racial minorities are good or bad, or if they're racist against other minorities and/or any or all whites, either in the abstract or with regard to specific situations. Not nearly enough spoons for that today.)
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It's Good Friday 2019 today!

From Julie: YOU WRECKED MY TOILET won the Runner-Up Prize in 1957 for Disgusting Literature?! Sounds about right...

From Ebaumsworld: GOODBYE, TESTICLES?!

From Julie: Marquise?! Your kid isn't royalty!

From Julie: Tisheanna pronounced as Tosh-Ee-Onna?! I would go with Tish-Ee-Anna!

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so when I realized she'd never seen or heard of The Sixth Sense, I added it to our movie line-up.

She was actually surprised by the twist. This is such a novel experience, I felt I had to record it for posterity.

We've also watched Empire Records (Eva was deeply caught up in the question of whether or not Joe is actually Lucas' foster father, or if he's just fatherly) and 10 Things I Hate About you (we lost Heath Ledger entirely too soon). Also, unrelated to this all, Jenn and Eva watched Legally Blonde. I was surprised that Jenn had never seen that movie before. She was surprised that I've watched it at least seven times already. I'm not sure which fact is more surprising.


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Paulo let me know yesterday that he could come over tonight for noodles and ginger ale, which totally worked for me! Definitely no alcohol after last Friday for him, especially not with the stated effects on his body and liver! Today, he said he could come over around 8 unless that was too late - nope! He ended up taking a long nap and came over around 8:30 instead, but that was fine. Before I forgot, I asked him to take care of the wonky stove element wire. Thank goodness that he was able and willing to help! (and also to do his own dishes) I had cued up some relaxing FINAL FANTASY video game music, and we talked about that franchise / EARTHBOUND / MOTHER 3, MEGA MAN, DRAGON QUEST / DRAGON WARRIOR / instrumental music while cooking and eating noodles.

We talked about that smoke-filled ride from Chilliwack to Richmond in 2008 (starting off the summer of hell), Tinder bios, NO revenge porn, private things, Nissin black garlic oil noodles, the Samyang curry chicken terrorist noodles which ALMOST defeated him ("I'M DYING!" - I didn't care if he posted a photo of the bowl to Discord!), cigar / cigarette smoking, vaping, not judging Brian for his addiction or choice, Discord, Holly, Darryl being at a Metric concert, a Portland trip for Darryl and some others tomorrow, not interrupting stuff, Guu, Jeremy, and weird posts on my Facebook newsfeed. He definitely thanked me for having me over, the noodles, Ben and Jerry's peanut butter cookie dough ice cream as a chaser, Canada Dry ginger ale, two Pepto Bismol pills just in case he had an upset stomach later, and Gatorade bottle to take home at 11:30. We should do this again = all he has to do is let me know! At least he's more appreciative than SOME people...

G'Mario Charleston?!

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I finally got through the two published Kiranmala books.

These are solid middle grade fantasy - good mix of jokes, though-provoking-ness, adventure, and feelings. Plus some weird worldbuilding (in the best way) and social consciousness.

Two things, though. No, three things.

First, our protagonist is amazingly clueless, especially when it comes to her crush, in particular, and his feelings about her. She's clueless in other ways, too - at several points people explicitly tell her things, but she completely ignores them and then has to come across her epiphany the hard way. Only once does she realize she's done this. It's good for the reader to be a little ahead of the protagonist, but nobody wants to be this far ahead. Even when you account for the age of the target audience, this girl needs to smarten up.

Secondly, the author has clearly read The Hunger Games. Well, everybody's read The Hunger Games*, but I mean to say that the second book has a very Hunger Games vibe that was a wee bit disorienting.

Third, the refugee crisis is very topical. I think, however, that having your obvious metaphor conveyed with actual monsters that eat humans is, perhaps, in bad taste. Yes, we all get the moral that you shouldn't judge entire groups of people on hearsay and vicious rumors... but that moral is rather muddied when our main character, aside from making friends in That Persecuted Group and then having a cluebat generously applied, has also encountered several members of that same group who have hunted her and threatened to eat her. Indeed, one of her friends threatened to eat her at one point.

* For a given value of "everybody", of course.
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After COFFEE TIME, I walked to London Drugs in the rain at 10:35 to get on-sale Canada Dry ginger ale x6, on-sale Sharpies packs x2, an on-sale Lindt Gold chocolate Easter bunny, on-sale Kinder mini-egg packs x2, on-sale milk chocolate Hershey's Kisses, a huge on-sale Clorox bleach bottle, on-sale Campbell's soup boxes x2 (Golden Butternut Squash / Roasted Potato with Leek), on-sale Waterbridge Cookie Barrel biscuit assortments x2 (tea biscuits and cream biscuits), an on-sale SpongeTowel six-pack, two actual MARTEX red face cloths (the others are too thin for my liking), pads, easy-opening Vim bathroom spray (I tested it in-store away from the aisle), and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE stickers for Nephew #3 sometime! Good thing I brought my wheeled bag for my planned purchases of ginger ale, toilet cleaner, and bleach since everything else added more heaviness! I couldn't even avoid construction and detours at London Drugs due to elevator maintenance, forcing me to go into the parkade on the second floor past London Drugs! When I got home at 12:15 on a 401, I showered and had lunch before having MORE COFFEE TIME.

Big Clorox bleach bottle: almost four litres!

Vim bathroom spray!

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Jimmy blocked me again, but he's an idiot who can't take being told that he is wrong about everything. Despite what he thinks, I did make an effort on his birthday. I just was not available all day, and I definitely did wish him a happy birthday. Of COURSE I went to bed after doing stuff online when I got home after dinner that evening - DUH!

As for Friday, I was going to try drawing him into a conversation after going out with everyone, but I knew I was slightly out of it. (not as much as poor Term, though!) One-word answers definitely made me think that he was upset. For once, I believe it didn't matter. I told him everything that was on my mind, then was called "the most vain person" before he blocked me. He also deflected my question about blocking people on to ME! Nope, you're the one who's an ass at the very least. He's also a sub, and he doesn't GET to have boundaries! HA! Mike thinks we take the meaning out of blocking if we do it to each other all the time, as it's going to be an empty gesture eventually. At least OUR communication seems to be pretty good! I also talked to Helen Y. about it, which helped!

From Julie: Teena?! BAD SPELLING of Tina!

Lickman Road Exit 116 sign in Chilliwack!

From Julie: Kalisha?!

From Julie: Another girl named Latasha on MAURY?!

Ana, delightful child, gave me a cold

Apr. 23rd, 2019 04:28 pm
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I wanted earlier to say that this cold is wiping me out, and I also wanted to say that it's kicking my butt, two phrases which are semantically similar. What came out is "This cold is wiping my butt", which isn't. ("This cold is kicking me out" would have been equally puzzling, but less funny.)


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Apr. 17th, 2019 01:55 am
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I can't believe it.

I'm over 80% done fixing my entries. AND I've finally fixed all of my entries from 2016!!! (Fun fact: while keeping count in the process, I noticed that the first time I ever mentioned Mary O. in this journal was in my 1,111th entry. Would you look at that!)

I wish I hadn't had to waste two years just to get this done, but I'm a lot more hopeful now because it's getting done!!! I'm almost up to the entries written AFTER I joined DW! :D

Of course, after this I'm still gonna need to update my profile on both LJ and DW for the first time in a while and make a new updated glossary/list of userpics/FAQ sticky entry.
I think it's about time for me to start thinking some more about what I need to add or remove from my FAQ.
Well, mostly on what to add to it - several people have made it clear to me when I asked about this a couple of years back that a lot of the questions that are in there are pointless since no one's thought about asking them (and it made me feel really weird about myself when people suggested removing them), so I'm going to remove them. (To the few of you who liked the fact that those questions are in there: Don't worry, I'll keep the current version of the FAQ in a non-sticky entry as well for posterity and link to it from the new version as the answer to something like "What happened to the old FAQ?")

What are some questions that you've had about me or my journal and have wanted to ask me? This can include ones that are answered by the FAQ already or not (in fact, it'd be better if you pretend for right now that I don't have a FAQ at all yet). It can be ones that you still don't know the answer to or ones that you found the answer to eventually. Or if there's something about me or my journal that you understood but think others might not and that it'd be helpful to have that in the FAQ, you can even list that.

But no suggestions about which ones to remove from my FAQ, please - it's already a given that I'm going to be removing or condensing most of them. Let's focus more on what should be in it than what shouldn't be. :)

(no subject)

Apr. 22nd, 2019 12:31 am
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It's so fitting that I'm listening to Radiohead's KARMA POLICE right now! Carol told CANUCK NATION a minute ago that her racist ex-husband Stuart has just died from his three different kinds of cancer. I'm sorry that she's feeling sad, though. I guess I can take him off my Block List now...

From Youtube: Pasinetta Prince?! Her mom admitted to making it up... it's pronounced "Passion-etta."

From Julie: Mulan?! Like the movie?!

From Julie: Tonera is Mulan's cousin?!

Can you all help me out?

Apr. 21st, 2019 07:02 pm
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[personal profile] flamingsword asked me if I remembered posting a certain link, and I do, but I haven't tracked it down either. It was a discussion here on DW about how you could make Buttercup in The Princess Bride a more interesting character, with more agency and intelligence than a sack of potatoes* by turning her into a poet.

* This is mean. To potatoes. They might roll down a hill after somebody, but they hardly ever spontaneously dive overboard into eel-infested waters. I don't know what this says about their agency, but I don't wish to insult their intelligence.
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Troy unfriended me from Facebook again - okay, then!

From Julie: Jaszmyne?! BAD SPELLING! Just pick S or Z, not both at once! Makes it harder to spell, really.

From Julie: D'Quion?! It is pronounced DAY-QUAN for some reason. I would have gone with DE-KEON or something.

From Julie: Desirae?! What was wrong with Desiree?! BAD SPELLING!

From Julie: Tee is Brandi's best friend?!

From Vanessa: Dave Assman wants a personalized license plate?!

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so I'm going to post unrelated links like that didn't just happen.

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Went to the library briefly today to delete a whole bunch of things. Woo!

From Cuya's Discord server: Peeps International Delight coffee creamer for Easter 2019?!

From Cuya's Discord server: Peeps cereal for Easter 2019?!

Jeremy Y. knows this girl at UBC named JERSEY IP?!

Trying to work out poll anonymizing

Apr. 20th, 2019 04:10 am
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Can you just click a number in the poll? Just pick the number that indicates how many people have already voted. You don't have to tell me you voted or who you are, I just want to see if there's any rhyme or reason at all to how the numbers sort after the fact.

This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 108

How many participants did this poll have BEFORE you voted? Only answer this one if the number is under 20

View Answers
Mean: 9.67 Median: 10 Std. Dev 5.75
01 (4.8%)
11 (4.8%)
21 (4.8%)
31 (4.8%)
41 (4.8%)
51 (4.8%)
61 (4.8%)
71 (4.8%)
81 (4.8%)
91 (4.8%)
102 (9.5%)
111 (4.8%)
120 (0.0%)
131 (4.8%)
142 (9.5%)
151 (4.8%)
161 (4.8%)
170 (0.0%)
182 (9.5%)
191 (4.8%)
200 (0.0%)

Okay, same deal, but this time it is between 21 and 41....

View Answers
Mean: 31.30 Median: 31 Std. Dev 6.14
211 (5.0%)
221 (5.0%)
231 (5.0%)
241 (5.0%)
250 (0.0%)
261 (5.0%)
271 (5.0%)
282 (10.0%)
290 (0.0%)
301 (5.0%)
312 (10.0%)
320 (0.0%)
331 (5.0%)
340 (0.0%)
352 (10.0%)
360 (0.0%)
372 (10.0%)
381 (5.0%)
391 (5.0%)
401 (5.0%)
411 (5.0%)

For everybody else, there is a ticky box

View Answers

77 (100.0%)

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Jack Daniels is from Chile?!

Mrs. Weiner and Mrs. Butt taught at the Jewish Community Centre?!

From Grammarly: How To Write Good, by Frank L. Visco!

Caveat emptor. Carpe diem. O si villi, si ergo, fortibus is in ero. Et tu, brute.

My several years in the word game have learnt me several rules:

1. Avoid alliteration. Always.
2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with.
3. Avoid clichés like the plague. (They're old hat.)
4. Employ the vernacular.
5. Eschew ampersands & abbreviations, etc.
6. Parenthetical remarks (however relevant) are unnecessary.
7. It is wrong to ever split an infinitive.
8. Contractions aren't necessary.
9. Foreign words and phrases are not apropos.
10. One should never generalize.
11. Eliminate quotations. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: "I hate quotations. Tell me what you know."
12. Comparisons are as bad as clichés.
13. Don't be redundant; don't use more words than necessary; it's highly superfluous.
14. Profanity sucks.
15. Be more or less specific.
16. Understatement is always best.
17. Exaggeration is a billion times worse than understatement.
18. One-word sentences? Eliminate.
19. Analogies in writing are like feathers on a snake.
20. The passive voice is to be avoided.
21. Go around the barn at high noon to avoid colloquialisms.
22. Even if a mixed metaphor sings, it should be derailed.
23. Who needs rhetorical questions?

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Robert Berridge added me to Facebook, but that is fine. Hopefully, he is a sane Canucks fan unlike John D., Brandi, and Siobhan! Chrissy also said she was banned by Facebook - YIKES! At least she is back now! Aaron L. and Chris W. also unfriended me from Facebook after more than TEN YEARS - okay, then! Now I can also unfriend Fosa, Chris's wife.

My ex-friend Chris Woodrich:

Transfiguracion Fidelina Lopez Mendoza?!

Batman Roberto Camargo Salcedo?!

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Paulo and I were trying to figure out where everyone else wanted to meet, so eventually I said "fuck it - let's meet somewhere nearby." The hospital Starbucks it was! We just managed to get the 407 at Alderbridge after ascertaining that everyone now wanted to meet at House of Dosas on Kingsway; like we were saying, we don't care if people want to do something later, JUST PICK A LOCATION TO MEET! After Paulo went on ahead at Brighouse (the elevator took a while), I got on the next train and checked my text messages. We figured out what had happened and set up King Edward as a meeting place. He did apologize ("my bad") and explained, so of course I accepted that.

We finally made it to the House of Dosas at about 6:20 and met Holly, Brian, and Darryl. I had a lamb vindaloo dosa while Paulo added a buttermilk lassi to his dinner; when we heard that he hadn't eaten all day, I said that he should have walked over to my place for some instant noodles! No, that wasn't a joke! I did PM him my address when I got home just in case. We talked about cricket, virginity, porn stars, Halloween, Good Friday / Easter, Direct Tap, a new job, a casual stress-free work culture, and maybe doing something later. It was a good time, and I did like my spicy lamb vindaloo dosa!

Later, Brian drove us to the Dark Manor on Fraser Street. It was so fucking dark in there that I couldn't see a damn thing. Luckily, I waited near the washrooms and Holly actually came out. Brian tapped a bar stool, so at least I knew where that was. There was a Zombie drink where you could only order two of them (Brian thought that was a gimmick), there was a communal huge bowl of alcohol with LONG drinking straws (SHARE OUR BACKWASH!), we needed candlelight to read the menu, and we watched Paulo and Darryl get progressively more wasted on the one Zombie drink. I did have some of Brian's beer when he offered. After that, I wasn't in the mood to drink more, so when Brian asked if I wanted to, I said no. He ended us dropping us all off at home, by the car, or near Marine Drive Station. Talked about zero-waste, weekend plans, seeing family, Jeremy being so wasted that he couldn't get home himself (and then having to pay a fine and get his car back from a towing place the next day), Garden and Nanaimo (near the old VCEFC!), and hanging out again tomorrow at the music bingo. (I declined) I got in at 8:40.

Spicy lamb vindaloo dosa from House of Dosas on Kingsway!

Beneath The Floorboards: For four brave souls. Bourbon and malt whiskies, sherry, lemon, orange, maple, and a blend of exotic spices.

Zombie: A potent mix of rums with falernum, lime, bitters, grapefruit, and secret spices. Two per guest.

Charleszetta Waddles?!


Apr. 19th, 2019 04:04 am
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On a whim, I took a glance at the answers to my anonymous poll. And this is what it says:

User #6 -- Yes
User #7 -- No
User #4 -- No
User #5 -- This is not something that happens to me because reasons
User #3 -- No
User #9 -- This is not something that happens to me because reasons
User #1 -- No
User #8 -- No
User #2 -- Yes

It's neither grouped by answer, nor sorted in numerical order. What is even up with this?

Edit: Also, I must be the last person to vote in that poll immediately prior to clicking "view answers", and yet I am certainly not User #9.
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Poll #21801 Shark week in my pants!
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 98

Got your period?

View Answers

17 (17.3%)

37 (37.8%)

This is not something that happens to me because reasons
44 (44.9%)

In honor of, uh, painting the town red, take this list of international period euphemisms. I have no idea if any of these are actually used widely, but that's not the point of listicles, is it? Or take this one instead.


Links )

Beverley Cleary is 103! Wow!

Apr. 17th, 2019 12:20 am
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It's a pity she's no longer writing, but it's still amazing that she's still around! I read her memoir, Girl From Yamhill, once. Her earliest memory, as recounted there, is of the end of the First World War. (Not that she understood what was going on, but still.) Can you believe it!?

And an interesting anecdote, appropriate nowadays in this age of vaccine refusal and "chickenpox parties" - as a young child she was sent upstairs to play with a neighbor because that neighbor had chickenpox and was quarantined and lonely, but young Beverley had already had chickenpox. Unfortunately, it turned out the neighbor had smallpox instead, and so she got sick. But survived! Despite what anti-vaxxers tell us about the past, and about the relative seriousness of childhood illness, there was no talk of sending children to this neighbor's house specifically to expose them to disease that they might otherwise have avoided. The poor child was quarantined even when they thought it was "only" chickenpox.
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Mostly this is because we needed something to study so I can get a few months of writing work with her before she hies off to high school, and she wasn't interested in anything conventional.

Not that she's terribly interested in movies, but if I remember I can make popcorn.

Thus far we've watched Sweeney Todd, Billy Elliot, The Sound of Music, and (tonight) West Side Story. At her behest I think we're going to end up with Black Panther next week. She strongly didn't like West Side Story....

Any other suggestions?
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After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 2 to see Rachel at the Caring Place. Last session for April, oh boy! A bunch of us are going to wander around Main as well. Gotta get ready to meet Paulo at Starbucks!

From Reddit and r/TrueCrimeDiscussion: Alesha MacPhail?! Makes me want to pronounce it ALE-SHAH, not Alicia... BAD SPELLING OF ALICIA!

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On the down side, this is making me see the deficiencies in my spice cabinet, not to mention my beans-and-grains section of the pantry. (As I say this, my sister is rolling her eyes in disbelief, but I'm nearly out of pink peppercorns, folks, I have no asafetida, and I only have one type of lentils. The situation is dire.)

...also, I urgently need an ice cream maker.
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I showered and did laundry today.

Julie sent me a picture of my 2019 birthday card in the windowsill display! "I heard that people don't want stuff on their birthday. They want experiences."

From List25: There is ANOTHER Mike Litoris?! Poor kid!

James Bond Cero Cero Siete Carrion Vargas?! James Bond 007, everyone!

I got an Instant Pot!

Apr. 15th, 2019 04:49 pm
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Used it to make beans, they cooked fast and soft and not gritty, so yay.

Buuuut then I wanted to use it for a rice cooker, and the suggested proportion for brown rice was 1:1. I'm used to cooking brown rice (mixed with quinoa) on a 1:2 grain:liquid ratio... and I noticed that their proportion for white rice was also 1:1. Is this a typo, or is that really what you're supposed to use for rice cooking, equal parts rice and water, even if it's brown? (The rice, I mean. Don't cook with brown water.)
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Sunflowers by Hinawa's grave: Chapter 1 yellow flowers with Flint and Alec! Abbot and Abbey are by the grave after Hinawa's funeral - I did not know this! "A bouquet of flowers, offered to everyone's beloved Hinawa." Abbot, Abbey, Flint, Alec, Isaac, Nichol, Richie, Thomas, Lisa, and Bateau are around the MILF gravestone.

Sunflowers by Hinawa's grave: Chapter 2 pink flowers with Duster! "Flint is always offering flowers.."

More sunflowers! )
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Yesterday, Holly invited me to Steveston Pizza at her place tonight. Nobody was going to have the $850 pizza! ("SEENAY: Medley of tiger prawns, lobster ratatouille, smoked steelhead, Russian Osetra caviar, snowed with Italian white truffles $850") After I showered and had COFFEE TIME, Brian kindly picked me up at the hospital at 7:10 even though the pizza place was way closer to his apartment. We chatted about the expensive pizza (a MOUND of seafood on the order before his?!) and the NHL Draft Pick Lottery Day before getting to Holly's, where I unsuccessfully completed a call to her. She wanted to throw her keys down to us again, but actually answered the door instead once she realized Brian had five pizza boxes.

I said hey to Darryl and Paulo, informing Paulo that the temporary crosswalk was now closed off. He put his head in his hands and said, "I hate it..." Trust me, I understand ANY ranting he has to do on the issue! We all talked about life, Vegas, walking a lot on the LONG Strip blocks, online people, chatrooms, drunkenness, dodgy stuff, seeing family members, work schedules, Holly's new job starting tomorrow, dead people, being a travel agent, working with the general public, and upcoming plans. As usual, I have none. I did almost forget my jacket, oops. Darryl called me by name when we said bye to him outside, which shouldn't really be a surprise. Brian dropped me and Paulo off at about 9:40, which is pretty good. I actually have time to blog without being rushed off to do other things!

Alpha Omega Nickelberry III?!

FIRE PIZZA at Steveston Pizza: Pepperoni, capicolli, roasted pimento peppers, and fresh jalapeños!

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(or your own cat, specifically) recognize the names the humans give to them. Many people have opined on the topic of animals that know their names, but don't come when called.

Rarely is the question asked: Do you recognize the name your cat has given to you? And if you recognize it, but sometimes ignore it, should you feel bad?


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From Julie M. and Wish: The Big Adventures of Tiny Dick coloring book, complete with unicorn and penis?! Also, ILUSTRATED is BAD SPELLING!

From True Crime Daily: Banika Jones?!

From True Crime Daily: Shalice Ravenell?! Too close to CHALICE!

Read Memory Called Empire

Apr. 13th, 2019 12:20 am
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Had the hardest time getting into it, but I think that was residual Goblin Emperor feels. I'm gonna read it again straight through.

Also read A Crack in the Sea, which was part of my (endless) backlog. Oddly enough, given the fact that the author switches POV and setting like normal people change their socks, the story was pretty straight-foward, even by MG standards. Also, a huge part of the story has to do with the Zong Massacre, and do not click that link if you want to retain any faith in humanity. As the author's note puts it, in fantasy you can make it so that some of those unhappy people survived and were able to make new lives for themselves, but in real life that just didn't happen. Even the survivors weren't that lucky. So if you're planning on handing this book to a preteen, do your homework first - skim the book and make sure your kid can handle that backstory.


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Julie got my birthday package today!

Sticker bonanza!

Outside of birthday card: "I heard that people don't want stuff on their birthday. They want experiences."

Inside of birthday card, complete with gold / silver / bronze Sharpie birthday greeting: "I hope you have enjoyed this greeting card experience."

A Vancouver Canucks orca in a red and yellow V skate jersey with a hockey stick!

From Julie M. and DR. PHIL: Marcea?! What was wrong with Marcie or Marcy?! BAD SPELLING!

From Youtube: Colin Pitchfork murdered two children?!

Whew, it got hot today!

Apr. 8th, 2019 02:48 pm
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77 degrees! I took the dogs' sweaters off, poor things, but tomorrow it'll be under 60 again.


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Corbin Cone added me to Facebook via the Fearsome Canucks Fans - that's fine for now.

From Julie: A blue moon dragon! Goodnight, world!

From Holidays That Might Get Overlooked: A movie girl with a red dragon!

From Dragons: CAUTION: FLAMMABLE! Attempting to enslave dragons may result in severe burns!

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COFFEE TIME! The Canucks played the Blues at 1 in their last game of the 2018-2019 NHL season, and lost 3-2 in the shootout...

Sukhdeep on a receipt?!

Mister Rambo Campos Diaz?!

Jazz Singsanong is the co-owner of the Jitlada Thai Restaurant in Los Angeles?!

From Not Always Right: Some people just need a high-five. In the face. With a chair.

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Apr. 12th, 2019 01:06 am


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