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Tatiana's Wanderings

Through Forest, Field, Hill, Mountain, and Dale...

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Birthdate:Sep 17
Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada
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MOTHER is a Melody of Love ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

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Sign by Danasoft - Get Your Sign

Where my default icon comes from:the HILARIOUS Rejected movie by Don Hertzfeldt, which SPOZ introduced me to! :D

Tatiana has been one of my favorite names since I read about the last Czar of Russia in Grade 10.

Alena = the tomboy princess in DRAGON WARRIOR IV.

"What is more dull than a discreet diary? One might just as well have a discreet soul." - Chips Channon

Formerly flamsterette_x.

Behold, anime menstruation. :P


- Every time I see this number, it's a reference to the TV show of the same name. Beware of the magic digits! :D

This O RLY? Owl GIF picture RULES!

I escaped from the Dungeon of Glowing Dragon!

I killed Harryroberts the arch-demon, Lilaznffairy421 the nymph, Imthjckaz the nymph, Sarala the giant spider, Dot Com the troll, Genkobar the fire elemental, Theferrett the mind flayer, Dwcorey the leprechaun, Urbad2 the dragon, Handofme the floating eye, Theonewhospeaks the dragon, Politzania the kobold, Supermary the leprechaun, Thefirestarter the troll, Winterlion the rat, Astrotre the goblin, Korczyk the nymph, Omni Sinrilus the owlbear, Hostis Leti the rat, Tehgreenfairy the arch-demon, Fate Envies Us the kobold, Hitman2682 the mind flayer, Diet Coke the zombie, Geordiecat76 the rat, Canucks94 the gelatinous cube, Sexnseafoam the zombie, Harlicat the zombie, Chibongo the fire elemental, Yogaclass4cats the floating eye, Lemahtnoze the floating eye, and Windritual the orc.

I looted the Crown of Lazeesod, the Crown of Notwellknown, the Axe of Mentalrant, the Armour of Twins, the Sword of Emoduckie, the Axe of Royalty, the Sword of Weatherguy80, the Dagger of Wonton Mein, the Shield of Computers, the Crown of Nezmet, the Armour of Dreamer , the Amulet of Pinkfloyd63, the Armour of Rubarabadom, the Crown of Chibi Blackie, the Sceptre of Rudezombie, a Figurine of Lusea, the Dagger of Eyeheartnewlife, the Axe of Lackofendorphin, the Amulet of Angelictorment, and 700 gold pieces.

Score: 1125

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I escaped from the Starship Glowing Dragon!

I killed Lilaznffairy421 the Dalek, Wrathchild the plasma cloud, Charshark the psychic agent, Sjenkins the engineer, Sheryll the Dalek, Yaymatt the medibot, Det Munch the engineer, Denythethree the tribble, Drocera the tribble, Giggles 19 the shapeshifter, Pianodude34 the cargobot, Dotiwana the security officer, Spacewolfcub the Dalek, Julie709 the tribble, Argh4itchytasty the medibot, Greentmist the security officer, Jarethshair the space pirate, Yousaidlog the cargobot, Cairothegreat the plasma cloud, Widdertwin the plasma cloud, Oh No Bad Touch the red-shirted ensign, Shae the tribble, Cerowyn the nutrivend drinks machine, Exclamation Pnt the engineer, Bart Calendar the shapeshifter, Lddude the space pirate, Katastrophic the red-shirted ensign, Shadowlit Dream the cleaning droid, Thegirlsheriff the medibot, A Brandnewme the cargobot, Deformed Foetus the nutrivend drinks machine, and Andinclosing the tribble.

I salvaged a HEADLE forcefield generator, a PURPLEISHBOOTS-30 plasma rifle, the Log of the USS Themeanyoshi, a culturelithium crystal, a MORRIL-7200 supercomputer, a Roguetrader screwdriver, a Sianparisian artefact, a Lolotheveggieian artefact, Matt1993's commbadge, an Eyeheartnewlifeian deathblade, an FRIENDSHIP-30 phaser, a YOUMAK-5300 supercomputer, Geek Dragon's commbadge, a lazeesodlithium crystal, a Penis-Pasta screwdriver, a Yogaclass4catsian raygun, a Quirky-Stuff screwdriver, a Dinnafash screwdriver, Angelcerv25's commbadge, an VANCOUVER-60 phaser, a cloudinawhirllithium crystal, a TBONE-300 supercomputer, a Snooooopyian deathblade, the Log of the USS Handofme, an READING-190 phaser, a Ghostlightian artefact, Tehgreenfairy's commbadge, a Theferrett model hazmat suit, the Log of the USS Omni Sinrilus, a GENKOB forcefield generator, a BANDS-10 plasma rifle, Monkey Funkel's commbadge, a RANDOM-STUFF-140 phaser, and 690 galacticredits.

Score: 1855

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Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Cause:lack of fresh air
Symptoms:sniffing, glowing in the dark, vomiting
Cure:eat more salt
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

Hmm.. I could do without the vomiting! Although if the cause is lack of fresh air, shouldn't the cure be to get some more of that? Weird thing... :P

These entries list a lot of my friends that I mention in here: Cast of characters, part 1 and Cast of characters, part 2. Don't friend me just to see this shizzle, either. If you do, I will hunt you down and ensure your fiery death.

"Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter, don't mind." - Dr. Seuss


Commenting Stats Program.

This applies to my online friends: "They are so FAR... but in my heart, they are always so so close by!" (modified quote from Eric H. - lddude)

Testimonials About Me From Other LJ Users: (16)

1. Chris Hewitt (pianodude34): "In the love of meeting LiveJournal, I also became acquainted with a glowing_dragon. Her personification of the name "Tatiana" with "Wanderings" is sheer love. Her persistency of replying to comments is addicting, and altogether glowing_dragon is worthwhile." (April 5, 2005... Tuesday)

2. Andre (unsuspended): "Happy Birthday iитеяиет (Happy Birthday, Internet!)" (April 5, 2005... Tuesday)

3. Caitlin (harlicat): "glowing_dragon changed my life! Before I knew glowing_dragon, I was sad and alone. Now I am happy. Buy one today!" (April 5, 2005... Tuesday)

4. Ronnie R. (hopefulworeason): "glowing_dragon is as much fun as you can have with two bricks and a bag of sand!" (June 23, 2006... Tuesday)

5. Alex (indefinitetheca): "Because without the underscore, glowing_dragon would be pretty lame!" (June 23, 2006... Tuesday)

6. Alicia (dopshoppe): "glowing_dragon is so funky, her journal should come with a Speed Stick!" (June 23, 2006... Tuesday)

7. Jenna (atomic_goo): "When our grammar and spelling is off, glowing_dragon is always there to save the day." (June 23, 2006... Tuesday)

8. Jared Watts (smokedglass7429): "glowing_dragon has crabs... and clarified butter." (June 23, 2006... Tuesday)

9. Desiree (sunshine2607): "glowing_dragon rocks my bubble tea!" (June 23, 2006... Tuesday)

10. Janina S. (mrshannibal): "glowing_dragon always has the last word!!" (June 24, 2006... Saturday)

11. [deleted?!] (June 24, 2006... Saturday)

12. Jasmine C. (surrey_sucks): "glowing_dragon is one of the most OCDL people I know!" (June 24, 2006... Saturday)

13. Jon (weatherguy80): "She is the queen of commenting." (June 24, 2006... Saturday)

14. Sara (axbesm_starr): "glowing_dragon is more fun than a barrel of monkeys *and* the best thing since sliced bread, all in one exciting package." (July 13, 2006... Thursday)

15. Billy S. (fdolarhyde13): "glowing_dragon cured me of my crabs!" (July 13, 2006... Thursday)

16. Matt T. (yaymatt): "You rock, and are definitely the queen of leaving comments. If you ever leave the beautiful confines of Vancouver (not that I know why you would) and are on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, let me know and we will go eat spätzli. (recipe in French) *spinhugs* xoxo" (November 28, 2006... Tuesday)

My photo album. Go look!

"Glowing" because I like the idea of glowing, iridescent fire. (but iridescent_dragon was too long... no, I am not a pyromaniac!)
"Dragon" because I'm a dragon in the Chinese zodiac.

Mood theme credit Caroline Tang. (Homestar Runner rules!)
I'd like to thank Mike T. (kunzite1) for helping with my layout on Thursday, February 2, 2006. You rock!

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